Littleover Brewery, Derby
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Littleover Brewery was started by Tim Dorrington in 2015 after many years working in Engineering and Customer Services at Rolls-Royce. Tim had been a keen home brewer for quite some time and finally took the plunge to brew for a living. Being a Littleover guy, born and bred, the name pretty much chose itself.

The brewery itself is actually situated on Robinson Industrial Estate on the edge of Derby city centre as unfortunately there were no suitable premises in Littleover itself, but it is still only 10 minutes away from its spiritual home. We took possession of the unit in July 2015, did our first brew in August and the first pint of Gold was pulled at The White Swan in Littleover on 17th September.

We are very keen to maintain a local community feel and, with a few occasional exceptions, try to give our beers names with a local connection. You can read the back story of them all on the ‘Our Beers’ section. The more eagle-eyed will notice that the inspiration for the shape of our logo came from the gates of the 14th century St Peter's Church in Littleover.

We are also very keen to make our beers accessible to everyone. We feel that a lot of people are missing out on some great beer because they may feel intimidated or put off by some of the revolutionary things people are doing with beer these days.

Our intention is to have a range of beers where there is something for everyone, whether that’s a traditional brown English Bitter, a hoppy citrusy Pale Ale or something more full bodied like a Porter.

Tel:01332 987100
Littleover Brewery Ales at White Swan in Littleover St Peters Church, Littleover