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Littleover Brewery SP5 Pale Ale
Littleover Brewery King Georges Bitter
Littleover Brewery Crest Best Bitter
Littleover Brewery Gold Pale Ale
Littleover Brewery Dazzle IPA

We are looking to create a portfolio of beers which has something for everyone. We are still very new and continually learning, both the technical aspects of brewing and what people like. We are also keen to have interesting back stories to our beers, so please have a little read about each of them and drop us a line if you have any particular memories or stories associated with them. It would be lovely to be able to share them on the website.

  • Gold by Littleover Brewery
    GoldABV 3.8%
    “A light, easy drinking session beer; a pale number with a subtle hoppy nose using American and New Zealand hops”

    Despite our aim to have a Littleover connection for our beer names, we chose to call this beer ‘Gold’ because, being our first one, we felt it might not be the best idea from a marketing point of view to have a beer with a name which nobody had heard of from a brewery nobody had heard of! We thought publicans and drinkers would be prepared to take a chance on a beer called Gold even though the brewery name was unknown. Based on a recipe used many times for home brews, this had to be modified slightly because of the difficulty getting hold of certain hop varieties. After a number of trials using alternatives we settled on the version you see today and it has become our most popular beer.

  • Crest Best Bitter by Littleover Brewery
    Crest Best BitterABV 4.4%
    “A malty, polished-conker coloured best bitter with a clean fresh taste and a light fruity aroma”

    This was the second beer to be brewed and again evolved from a home brew favourite. It was quite a challenge to get the recipe just right as it has quite a range of hop types and timing of hop additions.

    Crest Best Bitter is a tribute to the now demolished Crest Motel which used to sit on the island at the top of Hillsway, at the junction with Pastures Hill in Littleover.

    The Crest became legendary for its jazz nights, folk club and the first Space Invaders machine in Littleover! But most of all, its liberal interpretation of the legal drinking age!

  • King Georges Bitter by Littleover Brewery
    King George's BitterABV 4.0%
    “A traditional Bitter beautifully balanced with English malt and hops. This moreish beer has a subtle malty bitterness, hints of blackcurrant with a refreshing crisp finish”

    This beer is named after King George 5th playing fields in Littleover. Many an old Littleoverian has grown up playing football and cricket there whilst their fathers and grandfathers played bowls and the younger kids played on the swings and roundabouts. Sadly, cricket is no longer played there and football matches are few and far between but it has a special place in the heart of the many failed sportsmen of Littleover!

  • SB5 Pale Ale by Littleover BreweryClick for alternative pump clip
    SB5 Pale Ale by Littleover Breweryclick for alternative pump clip
    SB5 Pale AleABV 4.0%
    “A well-balanced slightly fruity amber beer with a good mix of malts and subtle citrus hop with a hint of marmalade”

    This is a beer we were asked to make for former Derby County captain Shaun Barker’s testimonial year. Unfortunately, Shaun sustained an awful injury in 2012 and hasn’t played first team football since. We were delighted and honoured when Shaun asked us to come up with a beer as part of his special year. In return we are proud to contribute 10p to the testimonial fund for every pint sold. Not surprisingly this has been extremely popular in Derbyshire, but for those wishing to indulge outside of Rams territory, an alternative pump clip is available which doesn’t feature our hero. Sorry Shaun, but business is business!!

  • Fools Gold Pale Ale by Littleover Brewery
    Fool’s Gold Pale AleABV 4.3% (Limited edition)
    “A refreshing Pale Ale packed with a complex cocktail of flavour and aroma hops. Fruit and citrus linger on the tongue leading to a perfectly balanced finish”

    Dare we reveal how this beer came about? OK, go on then.

    This was supposed to be a regular batch of Gold but due to a few, ahem, technical issues it became clear that this batch was going to come out at 4.3% ABV. Some quick fancy footwork and large quantities of various hops later, Fool’s Gold was born.

    No prizes for guessing who the Fool is!!

  • Dazzler IPA by Littleover Brewery
    Dazzler IPAABV 4.5%
    “A beautifully refreshing summer ale packed with hops from far and wide. With taste and aroma of tangerines and the kick of an IPA, a lovely ale to relax with in the beer garden”

    Another beer with sporting links; this is our small tribute to ‘Littleover Dazzlers’ the local junior football club which has provided kids from 6 to 18 with the opportunity to play football in the area for over 40 years.

Permanent outlets

We’d like to give a big thank-you to these guys as they have been instrumental in getting us established. Our beers can always be found here so why not pop in and give them a try whenever you’re in the area.

The White Swan in Littleover, Derby

Bren, Gav, Paul and Chris at The White Swan have been so supportive and have featured all of the beers we have produced. They are usually the first to try our new ones and provide open and honest feedback on what went well or what could be improved. There are always a couple of ours on here and of course being our local, it’s a handy place for a few brewery quality checks! Ahem!

The Five Lamps, Derby

Graham and Andy were the first guys we consulted when all of this was just a dream. They gave us lots of useful information on what people like and what they don’t, and offered us the opportunity to be a fixture in arguably the most respected real ale pub in the city. You’ll always find Gold here bang in the middle of the vast array of handpumps!

The Bubble Inn, Stenson

Connie has been great in giving us the opportunity to brew a house beer especially for The Bubble. Called ‘Four in a Bed’ after The Bubble’s victorious appearance on the Channel 4 reality TV show, this beer goes down a treat at this lovely canal-side location. If you want to hear more about Connie’s TV victory, I’m sure if you drop in he’ll be more than happy to spare an hour or two to tell you all about it!

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