Littleover Brewery, Derby
Littleover Brewery SP5 Pale Ale
Littleover Brewery King Georges Bitter
Littleover Brewery Crest Best Bitter
Littleover Brewery Gold Pale Ale
Littleover Brewery Dazzle IPA

Littleover Brewery is a microbrewery based in Derby but with its heart in the village of Littleover. Founded in 2015 with a 6-brewer’s barrel plant, we like to think of ourselves as small and friendly with an emphasis on delivering great beers with a high quality personal service.

We want to make cask ale which is accessible to everyone, hence our ‘Real Ale for Real People’ motto. We want to appeal to all those who have already discovered the joy of real ale as well as those who are maybe new to the whole thing and who may be put off by the clamour for ever more weird and wonderful beers, when all they want to do is drink some good beer!

We have a growing following which is now starting to stretch beyond our immediate area, into the rest of the East Midlands, and beyond.

We’re sure you’ll love our beers, but please send us your feedback on them - good and bad - as well as any other comments you might have about the brewery in general.


Tel:01332 987100