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We try to create a portfolio of beers which has something for everyone. We are also keen to have interesting back stories to our beers, so please have a little read about each of them and drop us a line if you have any particular stories associated with them. It would be lovely to be able to share them on the website or our Facebook page.

Our Core Beers
  • Gold by Littleover Brewery
    GoldABV 3.8%
    “A light, easy drinking session beer; a pale number with the evocative nose of a New World sparkling wine using American and New Zealand hops”

    Our first beer so we played safe and opted for a simple name to get us started. Based on a recipe used many times for home brews, it had to be modified slightly because of the difficulty getting hold of certain hop varieties. After a number of iterations using alternatives we settled on the version you see today.

  • King Georges Bitter by Littleover Brewery
    King George's BitterABV 4.0%
    “A traditional Bitter beautifully balanced with English malt and hops. This moreish beer has a subtle malty bitterness, hints of blackcurrant with a refreshing crisp finish”

    This beer is named after King George 5th playing fields in Littleover. Many an old Littleoverian has grown up playing football and cricket there whilst their fathers and grandfathers played bowls and the younger kids played on the swings and roundabouts. Sadly, cricket is no longer played there and football matches are few and far between but it has a special place in the heart of the many failed sportsmen of Littleover!

  • Epiphany Pale Ale by Littleover Brewery
    Epiphany Pale AleABV 4.1%
    “An addictive premium Pale Ale rammed with Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe hops giving a lovely refreshing beer with a smooth dry finish”

    Epiphany was originally one of our ‘Brewnique Series’ beers, (see below) but it was so popular we had to add it to our core range. The name has no Littleover connection other than the challenge laid down to the head brewer’s children to come up with a name to reflect the birth of a new star.

  • Apex Amber Ale by Littleover Brewery
    Apex Amber AleABV 4.1%
    “An easy drinking pale amber ale with a solid backbone of malts. A generous blend of late and dry hop additions makes this a beautifully balanced session beer”

    Apex was introduced as a medium colour beer to fill the gap between ‘Gold’ and ‘Crest’ It also gave us the opportunity to have a play around with our malt and hop schedules.

    On this occasion there is no Littleover connection but Lemon Top, our pump clip designers for this beer, came up with some stunning artwork which cried out for the name Apex to be used as an indicator of the highest levels of quality.

  • The Panther Oatmeal Stout by Littleover Brewery
    The Panther Oatmeal StoutABV 4.2%
    “A rich smooth warming Stout with hints of coffee, chocolate and Irish whiskey, a very drinkable dark beer”

    This was our first foray into the world of darker beers. We did a prototype version as our 2016 Christmas beer. Hilariously (?) called “Sooty Sack”, it went down so well that only a few minor recipe and process tweaks were needed to turn it into the fantastically popular beer we have today.

    The Panther was the name of a Littleover estate pub which was incredibly popular back in the day and served the local residents well for many years. It is said that the pub itself was named after a type of lawnmower made at the nearby Qualcast factory. The pub still exists today but under a different name.

  • Crest Best Bitter by Littleover Brewery
    Crest Best BitterABV 4.4%
    “A malty, polished-conker coloured Best Bitter with a clean fresh taste and a light fruity aroma”

    Crest Best Bitter is a tribute to the now demolished Crest Motel which used to sit on the island at the top of Hillsway, at the junction with Pastures Hill in Littleover.

    The Crest became legendary for its jazz nights, folk club and the first Space Invaders machine in Littleover! But most of all, its liberal interpretation of the legal drinking age!

  • Dazzler IPA by Littleover Brewery
    Dazzler IPAABV 4.5%
    “A beautifully refreshing ale packed with hops from far and wide. With taste and aroma of tangerines and the kick of an IPA, a lovely ale to relax with with at any time”

    Another beer with sporting links; this is our small tribute to ‘Littleover Dazzlers’ the local junior football club which has provided kids from 6 to 18 with the opportunity to play football in the area for over 40 years.

  • Hollow Legs Pale Ale by Littleover Brewery
    Hollow Legs Pale AleABV 5.2%
    “A full-bodied traditional Pale Ale with fruity malts, heady aroma and a smooth delicate finish”

    We added Hollow Legs to our portfolio in response to the demand for a stronger beer. Rather than just soup up a regular Pale we did a lot of work with our hops supplier Charles Faram to try to create something a little different with a bit of character. The result was this cocktail of less well-known hops to produce something rather special.

    The Hollow is a quaint stretch of one of the main roads linking two parts of Littleover. It is one of the oldest parts of the village dating back to medieval times and there are some wonderful historic images of the area, particularly the old thatched cottage that has stood there for many years.

The Brewnique Series

We like to maintain a core range of beers as we think it provides a familiar and reliable selection people can associate with and keep going back to. It also serves to reinforce our brand by having a recognisable and consistent suite of beers.

On the other hand, we do like to play around and experiment with different styles, ingredients and techniques from time to time. So, to allow us to do that we launched an occasional series of small batch brews called 'The Brewnique Series'. Yes, we know it’s a bit of a corny name but come on, it’s not bad is it?!! Some of these brews may also find their way into the core range in their own right or inspire other ideas for future beers.

You probably won’t find any of these on our website as they’re here today and gone tomorrow, but keep a look out on Facebook and Twitter where we always announce our latest offerings.


Where are we on?

A big thank-you to these guys for their support. We know they can choose from lots of great breweries in the area and we are delighted they choose us. The places below are just a few where our beers can usually or frequently be found, so why not pop in and give them a try whenever you’re in the area?


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